Arduino For the Layman: an Arduino Tutorial

Arduino For the Layman

An introduction to the world of the Arduino

Is this just another Arduino tutorial?

No, I don’t think so. There’s so much information and resource out on the internet, and some of it really good, teaching you how to use the Arduino. So why should you even bother with yet another one?

For a start, this is aimed at the layman, built up from my own learning experiences as I developed an understanding of the Arduino platform and of the exciting world of microcontrollers. I’m not a rocket scientist and I don’t have a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering… and neither do you need one to understand this tutorial.

I love automating, hacking, robotics, creating, building, understanding, tinkering, exploring, and experimenting. If you’re just as interested in learning and creating, then this tutorial series is for you.

 Welcome, fellow layman, to the Arduino!

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