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Contact Us

We’re based in a far-flung corner of the planet, known as South Africa – one of the most beautiful countries in the world to live in. Unfortunately we’re also pretty remote, so it’s best to reach us:

By E-Mail: info(at)
By Snail-Mail: PO Box 2103
Bedfordview 2008
South Africa
On Twitter: @CrashBang_Proto
On Facebook: Crash Bang Prototyping

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    4 Comments on “Contact Us

    1. I read your articles in Nuts and volts about getting away from arduino and I have a question. I have in the past did a lot of low level programing for the 68000 and 8048 but have been away from real programming for a while but want to get back into things in support of my robot hobbies. My question is: Does there exist a cross reference for the various libraries for the AVR’s ? It’s nice to have a thorough set of library routines to work with but they all but useless if you don’t know they exist. Is there a comprehensive index and short summary of the existing libraries? I looked on Atmel’s site but nothing is obvious. I’m not so interested in Arduino libraries as I am generic AVR routines/libraries.

      • Hi Monty, thanks for the question. Atmel Studio uses the popular GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) toolchain. THere is a useful list of libraries over on this website. Hope it helps, and please keep comments and suggestions coming.

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