Microcontroller Projects

Microcontroller Projects

We’ve worked on a number of microcontroller and embedded systems, and faced similar frustrations in each of these as they evolved. So we put our heads together and came up with a way to make things roll along more smoothly.

Toadstools and Caps

Toadstool Rotate Protoversion
The Toadstool is a modular platform that lets you quickly and easily build microcontroller projects. It’s ideal for makers wanting to move beyond the Arduino ecosystem, or for experienced enthusiasts and professionals wanting to speed up prototyping. What makes it special?

  • Includes microcontrollers from multiple manufacturers
  • Small-form caps allow for quick connection of SPI/I2C/Serial modules
  • Connects straight onto your breadboard
  • More flexibility than you’re used to!

We’ve included some details and images from the first prototype, and are currently tightening up a few features before heading to the final prototype. What do you think?

SensorNet of Things

SensorNet of Things - Hub Prototype
SensorNet of Things – Hub Prototype

Connect a multitude of sensors to the Internet of Things using a unified platform. The SensorNet of Things is a platform developed around a hub-node architecture, allowing various sensor nodes to connect to a single hub, and then on to the internet. It is designed around the low-power MSP430 microcontrollers using low-power RF communications to connect the sensors to the hub.

The focus is on a single codebase and platform, and is very much a work in progress with the first prototype just rolled. Click here to read more (and give your input)…



T-Board: AVR Prototyping Boards

T-Board328 Prototyping Board
T-Board328 Prototyping Board

These boards are designed to take you beyond the comfort of the Arduino platform, as you start to create your own AVR microcontroller-based projects. The Arduino is a fantastic tool, and allows you to create solid projects; but as you grow you’ll want to start developing custom AVR-based projects that give you more flexibility. The T-Boards are the next step.

We’re really excited about this set of inter-related boards, and how their simplicity will make your lives easier. Click here to discover more…

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