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Toadstool Cap: RTC-MCP

A Real Time Clock Module for Your Toadstool Projects

Toadstool CAP - RTC

Let your Toadstool Project Tell the Time

Simply connect this RTC module to the standard header on your Toadstool and your project can keep time. The RTC module is self-contained with all the supporting components you need to keep track of time. It includes a backup battery holder (coin cell battery not included).

Summary of Features

The RTC-MCP Toadstool Cap contains the Microchip MCP79400 chip. The module:

  • connects using the standard Toadstool Header
  • communicates using an I2C(TWI) interface
  • operates over a wide voltage range: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • has a backup battery to keep time during a power failure
  • has two programmable alarms interrupt output

Toadstool Prototyping Boards

Flexible PrototypingToadstool Caps are designed to be connected to a range of Toadstool prototyping boards, using a standard header that supplies power and SPI, I2C and UART signals. The range of Toadstool Prototyping boards contain a variety of microcontrollers from multiple manufacturers. Toadstool boards have been developed to be flexible and powerful, are self-contained, and connect directly to a breadboard. They enable you to get your microcontroller projects up and running quickly, minimise the ratsnest of wires you’re used to, and bring flexibility to your projects.

Toadstool Caps

Toadstool with CapAll Toadstool boards share a standard header to allow you to attach breakout modules called Caps. This header contains SPI, I2C and UART signals, so you can easily add SPI, I2C/TWI or UART modules to your project without having to wire them up on the breadboard (you’ll never forget a pullup resistor on your I2C module again!).

Open Source

oshw logoWe’re big believers in open source hardware, and so have released the Toadstool ecosystem as an open source one. Hopefully you will support that, and send us feedback to improve the product for everyone.

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