T-Board to Feature in Elektor Magazine

T-Board to Feature in Elektor Magazine

T-Board 28

T-Board 28 (image courtesy of Elektor Magazine)

After a number of iterations, the final production version of the T-Board is out the door. All three versions (now named the T-Board 28, T-Board 14 and T-Board 8) have been through final testing, including testing by the team at Elektor Labs. A few final tweaks were made to the silkscreen, and after the compilation of a quick-start guide it was all systems go.

Three versions

  • The T-Board 28 is designed for the 28-pin ATmega328 microcontroller from Atmel (and other pin-compatible 28-pin MCUs)
  • The T-Board 14 is designed for the 14-pin ATtiny 24/44/84 Atmel micocontrollers (and a few other pin-compatible MCUs)
  • The T-Board 8 was developed for the baby MCUs of the ATtiny range – the ATtiny 25/45/85

Vote of Confidence

The team at Elektor Magazine have seen the value in the boards, and have put their support behind the project.  Apart from including the three boards in their online store, they will be featuring the concept in their September 2014 issue.

Head over to their online store, or hold out for the September issue to learn how your AVR prototyping can be made faster and simpler.

More Information

If you need any more info, please drop us a line – we’re happy to help.

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